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How to notify the SAAQ of an address change?

The Quebec Automobile Insurance Corporation (SAAQ) goal is to protect car owners from potential risks, as well as likely violations to rules and regulations. By law you are obliged to advise the SAAQ of your move. If you do not communicate to the SAAQ that you have, you could receive a hefty ticket.

Here is how you can inform the SAAQ about your new address.

changement adresse saaq

How to change my address with the Société de l’assurance Automobile du Québec (SAAQ)?

When you move, you must inform the SAAQ as soon as you know your new address. For this, three options are available.

What must I need to provide?

  • Driver’s licence number
  • reference number on your driver’s licence
  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • New and old address
  • Date that you will be moving to your new address

Once you have updated your address, you will acquire by mail a sticker that you will stick on the back of your driver’s licence.

If you have not received your sticker in 10 business days, you must contact the SAAQ and notify them directly of your move. You can contact them by clicking here.  

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Frequently asked questions:

The change valid for the driver’s licence and registration?

No worries! If you own a vehicle registered in your name, the change of address is done at the same time for the driving licence and the registration.

My vehicle has more than one driver registered to it, can I conduct this change of address alone?

Yes, if one of the persons is registered on the vehicle presents themselves to a point of service with the requested information (no power of attorney from the second person is required).

It is important to note that if the vehicle registered with the SAAQ is registered with more than one driver, you cannot go through the SQCA, ​​you will have to communicate directly with the Company.

I am moving outside of Quebec, what steps should I follow?

If you move to another Canadian Province:

The validity period of your permit outside Quebec varies according to the province, after which you will need a local permit. The SAAQ stipulates that if you leave Quebec temporarily and wish to renew your licence, you can receive a Quebec driver’s licence without signature or photo. This licence  is valid for a maximum of 2 years. However, you will have to send your request three months before the payment deadline.

If your stay proves to be longer and your Quebec licence expires, you can renew your licence from abroad, by contacting the SAAQ by mail using the following information:

  • The subject of the request;
  • Your name and surname
  • Your date of birth
  • Your driver’s licence number
  • Your residential address in Quebec
  • Your address abroad
  • The reason for your stay outside Quebec;
  • The duration of your stay outside Quebec;
  • A phone number where we can reach you and
  • Your signature.

You are moving outside of Canada:

Before you arrive, you will need to make sure that your destination country does or does not require an international driver’s licence.

Are there legal consequences to not making an address change with the SAAQ, if so what are they?

Whatever your situation, you must notify the SAAQ of your change of address within 30 days of your move. If you do not change your address within the allotted time, you will be fined $95 to $154.

If I do not have a driver’s licence, I still have to make my change with the SAAQ?

If you own a vehicle, whether you have a driver’s licence or not, you must inform the SAAQ of your change of address. To do this, you will need your personal information, as well as the following:

  • Number of the licence plate of your vehicle;
  • Number of the registration certificate of your vehicle;

If I receive SAAQ benefits after an accident, is there a special procedure?

If you receive compensations from SAAQ following an accident, make sure you have your claim number on hand when you are proceeding with your address change. We recommend contacting the SAAQ directly.

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