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Change your address with MovingWaldo

Established in Canada, MovingWaldo revolutionized the difficult process of changing addresses. Developed in 2015, this online service quickly became a staple in the change of address field. Indeed, with over 500 organizations available on the platform, MovingWaldo allows anyone to change their address in less than 5 minutes at no cost whatsoever!

This service was created for one and only reason: facilitating your life. Changing addresses is an inevitable task widely known to be frustrating and that’s in desperate need of a change–this is where MovingWaldo comes in!

How does the centralized service of MovingWaldo work?

This article guides you through the steps necessary to complete your changes of address online with MovingWaldo.

Simply click on the different titles to read each section.

  1. Create and activate your account
  2. Fill out your moving information
    1. Where are you moving?
    2. When are you moving?
    3. Who is moving?
    4. Your profile
  3. Select your service providers
  4. Review and send your address changes
  5. Sign your change of address form
  6. Your list
  7. Confirmation emails

1. Create and activate your account

Click here to create an account. You need a valid email address to do so. An activation email will be immediately sent to you in order to activate your account. All you have to do is click on the activation link to complete your account activation process.

Helpful link: You didn’t receive the activation email?

2. Fill out your moving information

To start your change of address process, click on “Start now” in the center of the page.

Don’t hesitate to chat with us in the bottom right-hand corner of the site. We are here to assist you at all times!

MovingWaldo section 2

Step 1-Where are you moving?

Enter your previous address, as well as your new address, then select “Next step” in the bottom right-hand corner. Occasionally, Google Maps fails at localising an address, but no worries, you can simply fill the fields out manually. Make sure to not leave anything out! 

movingwaldo - where are you moving?

Step 2-When are you moving?

Enter the date of your move. Your change of address will be effective from that moment on.

MovingWaldo step 2

Step 3-Who is moving?

Fill out the form with your personal information. Your service providers will need this information to carry out your change of address. MovingWaldo collects this information for the sole purpose of offering you a high-quality service.

MovingWaldo step 3

Step 4-Your profile

Fill out the form with information about all the types of services provided in your home–this is your profile.

Depending on your answers, MovingWaldo will suggest which companies to notify of your change of address. Pretty straightforward, right?

MovingWaldo step 4

3. Select your service providers

At this point, you have to select the companies you want to inform of your new address. Simply click on an organization’s box to add it to your list.

There are three ways for you to search for service providers:

  1. Take a look at the service providers suggested based on your profile. For example, if you are a Quebec resident, there are some provincial offices that you are required to notify of your change of address.
  2. Use the search bar to find service providers more quickly.
  3. Make sure to not forget anything while navigating the different categories.

Helpful link: You can’t find a service provider?

4. Review and send your address changes

Once you’ve picked a service provider you want to inform of your new address, click on “Send” to share your moving form. Some service provider may require simple additional information. 

movingwaldo - send moving form

5. Sign your change of address form

One last step is required before the delivery of your information. You have to review your filled-out form and sign electronically, giving us permission to send your information to your service providers.

Tip: To sign on a computer, simply use your mouse (keep pressing down on the mouse and move it to sign). If you are on a phone, or tablet, simply sign using your finger. Pretty easy, right?

MovingWaldo section 5

6. Your list

At any time, you can access your list of organizations you’ve shared your moving form with by using MovingWaldo.

7. Confirmation emails

For each change of address, you’ll receive an email confirming the delivery of your personal information. If you don’t receive a confirmation email, return to the “Review and send” step to make sure that every service provider is in the “Moving forms sent” column on the right.

Note: Every company has a different policy regarding change of address confirmations. Some companies confirm with you by email, by phone or by mail. Other organizations, though, don’t confirm with you. That’s why we recommend  verifying your personal information directly with your service providers next time you contact them.

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Logo MovingWaldo rouge

One website for all your address change | MovingWaldo.

Do you have any question concerning your address change? MovingWaldo has been the reference in this sector since 2015. In fact, our free online service allows you to communicate your new contact information to a selection of over 600 private companies and governmental institutions in less than 5 minutes! Let’s just say there is a reason why RE/MAX and Sutton Quebec have chosen MovingWaldo has their official change of address partner.

To learn more about our free change of address service, click here.