How to make my changes of address with the government of Ontario?

Changing your address with the government is an important step to take during your moving process. Since it is that crucial of a task, we have gathered here all the ways you can do so both at the provincial and federal level!

Ontario government change of address

Changing your address with the Government of Ontario.

The easiest way to update your address with the Ontario government is to communicate with ServiceOntario. Below are the main provincial agencies to notify of your move as soon as possible.

Tip: Make sure not to forget anything by downloading your printable change of address checklist in Ontario.

Driver’s licence and vehicle permit

You can inform ServiceOntario of your change of address in three different ways: 

Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)

There are four different ways for you to change your address on your health card: 

P.O. Box 48 
Kingston ON K7L 5J3 

Election Ontario

There are two ways for you to change your address with Election Ontario:

Elections Ontario Permanent Register of Electors 
51 Rolark Drive Toronto, ON M1R 3B1

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact Elections Ontario at: 1-888-668-8683 or the TTY line at 1-888-292-2312.

Changing your address with the Government of Canada.

You also must notify the federal agencies of your new address. The most important is the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) that must be informed as soon as you can. Below is a list of popular agencies or documentation that you should consider notifying if you are moving.

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