How to change my address with the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Nova Scotia?

The Registry of Motor Vehicles is the corporation responsible for managing the driver’s licensing and vehicle registration system in Nova Scotia. When you move, it is crucial to notify the Registry, so as to make sure that your driver’s licence is updated accordingly.

Change Address Registry of Motor Vehicles Nova Scotia

Who is required to notify the Registry of Motor Vehicles of their change of address?

If you currently are in possession of a driver’s licence in Nova Scotia, then you must notify the Registry of Motor Vehicles of your new address within one month of your move.

How to change my address on my driver’s licence?

To change your address with the Registry of Motor Vehicles, there are four options available to you:

  1. Complete and review the application form
  2. Verify and confirm your information
  3. Receive the transaction confirmation, which you can print
  • Send your Master Number (or full name and day, month, and year of birth) and your old and new addresses via fax to RMV at 902-428-2180 or visit a Registry of Motor Vehicles office.
  • Write a letter, date and sign it, indicating your master number, as well as your old and new addresses and submit it to the Registry of Motor Vehicles at:

Registry of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 1652
Nova Scotia
B3J 2Z3

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What you need!

Before you start your change of address process online, make sure you have on hand one or more of the following documents:

  • Driver’s Licence or Vehicle Master Number
  • Licence Plate Numbers of all the vehicles registered to you
  • Nova Scotia Health Card numbers and birthdates for all household members
  • Complete new and old addresses

What you should know!

Through the online Change of Address express service, you are able to change your address to various government offices, not only to the Registry of Motor Vehicles!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I receive a new licence when I change my address?

Not necessarily. If you want your new address to appear on your licence, you have the option to apply for a replacement by visiting an Access Nova Scotia or Registry of Motor Vehicles office.

  • You will have to pay a fee
  • You will need your licence master number
  • If you have vehicles or licence plates registered with another person, a separate application has to be completed for the joint master number
  • The new address you give has to be located in Nova Scotia

Where do I find my master number?

You can find your master number on these following documents:

  • Your Nova Scotia Driver’s Licence
  • Your Nova Scotia Learner’s Licence
  • Your Nova Scotia Identification Card
  • Your Vehicle Permit

What if I am moving permanently from another province to Nova Scotia?

If you are moving permanently to Nova Scotia, you have to apply for a Nova Scotia Driver’s Licence and register your vehicle with the Registry of Motor Vehicles within 90 days of your arrival.

Your out-of-province licence has to be surrendered once you apply for a Nova Scotia licence.

What if I am moving temporarily from another province to Nova Scotia?

If you move to Nova Scotia temporarily, you are allowed to drive a vehicle for personal, non-business purposes for 90 days with a valid, out-of-province licence. The 90-day period starts from the date on which your vehicle was first operated in Nova Scotia in any registration year.

Finally, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, changing your address on your driver’s licence is important task. An equally important one is updating your address for your health card. You can check out this article for information on how to make your change of address on your health card in Nova Scotia!

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