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Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions, where we gathered all the things people most commonly want to know about our service. If you have a question that is not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us. It’s what we’re here for!


Moving Waldo at a glance

Why should I use MovingWaldo ?

Are you moving soon ? Looking for help with your address changes ?


MovingWaldo is for you ! With this web application you can change your address with your service providers in a few clicks. Our service is completely free and allows you to simplify your administrative procedures.

How to use MovingWaldo?

It's simple ! Here's a video that shows you how it works, in 45 seconds !

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Where is MovingWaldo available?

MovingWaldo is currently available to people leaving the province of Quebec and Ontario to any province.

You can use this service for a local (within one of these provinces) or inter-provincial (from one province to another) move.

Stay tuned, the service will soon be available in other Canadian provinces and territories !

Is the MovingWaldo service free?

Our service is completely free, thanks to our sponsors.

Which service providers can I notify of my new address with MovingWaldo?

We are proud to say that we can help you simplify your address change with over 500 service providers, including financial institutions, insurance carriers and brokers, magazines and newspapers, rewards programs, charities, universities, and car manufacturers.

Changing my address with MovingWaldo.

What information do I need to change my address?

To use MovingWaldo, you will need:

  • Your name and contact information;
  • Your old and new address;
  • The date of your move (approximate).

Some service providers will require additional information, which you should know by heart or easily find in your wallet (example: type of vehicle insured).

I am not moving right away, should I wait to change my address ?

You can send your address change requests now ! We recommend changing your addresses 2 to 3 weeks before you move. And if you are rather forward-looking, you can change it up to 6 months before. In your form you will indicate the effective date of your move. This information will be transferred to your service providers.

You can also ask MovingWaldo for a reminder to change your address: you will be notified by email a few weeks before you move !

How long before my move do I have to change my address?

We recommend 2 to 3 weeks before you move. When you fill out your form on MovingWaldo, you will indicate the effective date of your move. This information will be transferred to your service providers.

I cannot find one of my suppliers, why?

If a provider does not appear in the list, he has not joined the MovingWaldo platform yet. We are working on it :)! We are always open for suggestions of new organizations to add to the platform.

Can I change my cohabitant's address with my account ? Can I add additional people on my form?

As a safety measure, each person who wishes to change his address on the platform must create a unique account. A valid and different email address is required for each account.

Can I use MovingWaldo to change my address with the government?

Yes ! MovingWaldo has a dedicated page to government agencies to make sure you do not forget anything ! However, government agencies require you to contact them directly to change your address.

See the government guides

Follow-up with MovingWaldo

What happens after I make my address change request?

First, you will receive an email confirming that MovingWaldo has received your requests.

Then, MovingWaldo will send your address changes to the service providers you have selected. Generally, we ask to allow the service providers up to 10 working days to complete the change in your account.

Will I receive confirmations from my service providers once my address is changed?

Some service providers send a confirmation. It depends on their internal policy.

If you have not received a confirmation within 10 days of your request, we recommend that you confirm directly with your service providers.

Protection of your personal information

Do I have to provide confidential information in order to use the service?

Rest assured, MovingWaldo does not ask for your social insurance number (SIN) or bank account numbers.

MovingWaldo simply requires your full name and date of birth so that your service providers can identify you. You will also have to enter some information about your move (old and new address, approximate date of your move).

What does MovingWaldo do with my information ?

The security of your personal information is a priority for MovingWaldo. Your information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent. You can refer to our privacy policy for more information

Does Moving Waldo adhere to a specific code for the protection and confidentiality of my personal information?

All MovingWaldo employees are committed to respecting the privacy of your personal information.

Technical support

I have not received MovingWaldo’s activation email after creating my account.

Have you checked your junk emails or social tabs and promotion on Gmail or in Smart Views on Yahoo?

Are you sure of the email address used? If so, you can contact us at with the following information:

  • The email address you have used;
  • The date of the attempt;
  • The device you used (computer, tablets, phone, etc.);
  • The reason for your message.
I have selected my services but I am not sure that it worked.

After selecting your service providers, you must go to the "2. Review and Send" page to confirm your address changes one by one.

I tried to create an account but it did not work.

Make sure you are on the "Create an Account" page and not the "Login" page.

If it still does not work, you can contact us at with the following information:

  • The email address you have used;
  • The date of the attempt;
  • The device you used (computer, tablet, phone, etc.);
  • The reason for your message.
I completed my address changes but the information in my form is not good. What should I do ?

You can update your information from your MovingWaldo "Profile" in the dropdown menu. You can then re-rend your change of address.

It will be important to confirm with your suppliers that the correct address is in your file the next time you contact them.

Should I sign the document? Should I sign the document simply with my mouse?

Yes, signing is important because it certifies to each service providers that you have indeed requested the address change. It is important to reproduce your signature as much as possible! 🙂