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BIG SECRET: The Alternative Internet and TV providers that will make you save big time!

What is an alternative internet provider? To put it simply, we mean an internet provider that isn’t one of the big guns in the trade that we’ve all heard of, like Rogers and Bell. The main players in the internet world own most of the internet cabling that travels through the country. Several years ago, the CRTC (the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission) ruled that these main players had to rent out their wires to smaller, third-party companies to level out the playing field. Choosing a lesser-known internet provider certainly has advantages. They often offer cheaper or uncapped deals compared to the providers who own the lines. Especially if you are moving, it is recommended comparing the different plans available at your address. You may find a better suited option for your household.

We all know that internet, TV and telephony are pricy in Canada, particularly when you compare the costs with other, similar nations. So, today we are going to have a look at nine alternative Internet and TV providers that could help you save money.

alternative internet and tv provider in canada


They state that their success is simply down to their very competitive pricing, in addition to their hard-working staff.

First up is EBOX. EBOX is an independent Internet Service Provider (ISP) serving the areas of Ontario and Quebec. Indeed, they have the largest independent cable internet customer base in Quebec with over 80,000 customers. They state that their success is simply down to their very competitive pricing, in addition to their hard-working staff. They have been around for over 20 years and work with thousands of residential and business users and they pride themselves on tailoring services to suit their customers.

What services are offered by EBOX?

EBOX has a great range of services including DSL, Fiber, Cable and VoIP, making sure that the network connected to your equipment is “top-notch”. Their facilities use the latest tech to provide quality that’s unmatched. Their network, powered by Cisco System and Juniper Networks, was designed to ensure that there’s minimal downtime. They also use powerful firewalls with thousands invested in their network security.

Some customers’ main worry is the quality of the internet in peak hours. With EBOX they guarantee problem-free connectivity with fast and reliable internet. As well as their internet, EBOX offers telephony and TV, with up to 150 channels. They even do free trials with free switch overs from competitor companies. Their internet and TV packages combined start from as little as $72.95 per month with the trio of internet, TV and phone being from $87.90. They’re certainly not to be sniffed at.

Lastly, they’re rated 4.8/5 stars on based on 761 reviews!

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They distinguish themselves from the giants by their positive reviews and recommendations from their customers.

Next up is B2B2C. Founded in 1995, B2B2C state that they deliver professional, human, personalized services at competitive prices.

As an alternative provider, they distinguish themselves from the giants of Rogers, Bell and Videotron by their positive reviews and recommendations from their customers. Although they’re only 1/1000 of the size of Bell, they say that they’re personalized approach is what customers are looking for and what they rave about. They have over 45,000 customers and 50 staff, so their ratio of staff to customer is really good! Their billing is easy to understand, and they have a no-hidden-fees policy too.

B2B2C does use other names in other regions, such as the Easter Townships where they are known as Abacom-B2B2C. The regional banners are reflective of their long-standing history and presence in the regions of Quebec and Ontario. There are also agents who operate who extend B2B2C’s presence including bookstores and internet cafés too.

What services are offered by B2B2C?

B2B2C have a range of packages and services to suit everyone. They include equipment and have low activation fees and easy transfer. Their high-speed internet costs only $24.95 per month with a telephone package cost of $9.95 per month. A 50mb Fiber unlimited connection costs $39.95 per month, which is a highly competitive price.

Altima Telecom

With core values in being reliable and friendly, they are most definitely “The People’s Choice”.

Third in our list is Altima who provide TV, internet and telephony at competitive prices. Founded in Montreal in 1996 originally as, the company prides itself in being a pioneer for the independent commercial and residential internet providers. Ever since, Altima has striven to improve its services and quality and have even broadened their scope. They have offered internet provider TV services to their large customer base since 2012. With their multi-ethnic customers, the company aims to provide the best in terms of IPTV services, telephony and internet. They also operate under the scrutiny of the CCTS (the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Service) thanks to their membership, so you can be sure that they follow all guidelines to the letter and provide excellent customer service.

Altima’s mission is to provide their clients with telecom services that are affordable as well as fast. With core values in being reliable and friendly, they are most definitely “The People’s Choice”. Crucially, they offer multilingual customer service and plans that are no-contract, meaning that you’ll make some great monthly savings.

What services are offered by Altima Telecom?

With free installation and the trio of phone, internet and TV for as little as $54.95 per month, we can see how Altima have attractive packages. Their Kino TV has next-generation IPTV technology and a huge range of local and premium channels. You can even cast content from your mobile device directly to your TV!  It’s a really personalized service given that there’s a package that allows you to pick and choose the channels you want (and leave those that you don’t!).

Allo Telecom

Expect to be treated fairly and honestly with great respect and consideration by this company.

Allo Telecom say that they’re happy to be different. Their core believe is to do what’s right by their customers and for their business too. So, expect to be treated fairly and honestly with great respect and consideration by this company who want to offer very good service at a very fair price. They are proud of their simple business strategy, which is proven to be effective and transparent. They don’t lock their customers in with contracts and they help their customers to make decisions about what is best for them.

As an alternative internet provider goes, Allo Telecom say that “it’s time for an alternative” and one that stands up for its customers to earn trust and earn their business. A choice for an internet provider certainly shouldn’t be “the best of the worst”. Allo Telecom want the best deals for Canadians but also a better choice of packages too.

What services are offered by Allo Telecom?

Allo Telecom’s TV has everything for home entertainment with access to premium channels such as SHOWTIME, HBO, STARS, EPIX and CINEMAX. You can also watch HD as well as SD channels and thousands of On-Demand movies and programs. There’s also the choice of sports channels with NHL Center ICE, ESPN Full Court, NFL and MLB Extra Innings.

Allo’s internet also comes highly recommended by their customers with download and upload speeds of up to 500 Mbps in some areas of the country. The Canadian Customer Satisfaction Survey states that Allo is rated as number 1 for value and reliability with the fastest and most consistent internet. Not many brands can top that! 

Allo offer a Mobile App so you can take their entertainment with you wherever you go. It lets you stream movies and shows On Demand, schedule recordings from your device and use your mobile phone to control your TV!

Their 30 Mps Unlimited internet is currently $44.99 per month with bundles of TV, internet and phone for $79.99 per month.

Transat Telecom

Transat Telecom’s three key words are: Low Cost, Accessibility and Reliability.

Another contender in our alternative internet providers guide is Transat Telecom, a Quebec telecommunications company offering residential as well as business plans. They offer High-Speed internet and telephony (including long distance) at competitive prices throughout Canada. They also have international telephony deals too!  Transat Telecom’s three key words are: Low Cost, Accessibility and Reliability. So, with Transat Telecom, you can be sure that you are actually going to get a good deal.

What services are offered by Allo Telecom?

Their internet packages start from as little as $28.95 a month with telephony starting at just $9.95. They also offer packages, which start at $38.90 per month. Their recommendations are also highly positive, with one customer saying that they can really see a difference in terms of reliability in speed compared with their previous internet provider.


Distributel is a pioneer of independent service providers in Canada.

Distributel has operated since 1988 and has been trusted by Canadians ever since. Given its early start in the telecommunications world, Distributel is a pioneer of independent service providers in Canada, evolving from being a long-distance provider to being a full-scale telecommunications provider nationally. They are continually making new partnerships to add to their range of services and aim to bring new and innovative solutions to their customer base which really gives their competitors a run for their money. They offer TV, phone, long-distance, and high-speed internet services residentially at great prices in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. They also have a Business Services Division, called ThinkTel, which provides data services for enterprise and wholesale markets too. Again, it’s a driving force in the industry, bringing innovative solutions forward thanks to it being a Microsoft Solutions Partner as well as a Cisco PMP. Distributel aims to be revolutionary and progressive in the independent sector, setting a top new standard for customer services

What services are offered by Distributel?

Distributel offers Cable High-Speed Internet as well as DSL, with a fantastic range of speeds at great value. They offer their Yak Digital Home Phone service too, which has 12 great features with every plan. Lastly, their Zazeen TV which is next-gen in terms of television. There are a range of packages to suit every customer too. Their trio package of home phone, TV and internet starts at $85.95 per month with free installation and activation thrown in. Not a bad shout as far as trio packages are concerned!


At Teksavvy, they care no matter what.

Our 7th Pick is Teksavvy, the Internet Service Provider that really cares. They give you a choice as well as being an alternative provider to the big guys. Their selling point is that they care no matter what, which is something that is often lacking when you go with the big companies. Teksavvy want their customers to have the best possible services at the best possible prices. In fact, they say that they pride themselves on giving their customers things that they never thought possible and for a fair price with great service thrown in. Sounds good, doesn’t it?  Additionally, there are no hidden fees and no long-term commitments either. If you’re tired of the corporate monopoly companies, then Teksavvy might be a good shout!

What services are offered by Teksavvy?

Teksavvy offer three types of internet: Cable, High Speed DSL and Ski Fi. Ski Fi is an internet service that is ideal for those in remote locations without good, reliable cable or DSL internet. Teksavvy also offer phone-only deals too, with packages starting from as little as $9.95 per month. Their internet is priced from around $24.95 per month, depending on the area in which you live.


Oricom pride themselves on tailoring the solutions to the individual client, keeping their promises along the way.

Oricom is a Quebec company that has Quebec right at its core. Their internet is connected to all types of transfer networks: cable, fiber optic, DSL, wireless and dial-up too, meaning that whatever your residential or business need, Oricom can help you. There are no hidden fees and no nasty surprises, meaning what you see is what you get. As everyone is different, Oricom pride themselves on tailoring the solutions to the individual client, keeping their promises along the way. With them being based in Quebec, you’re talking to a local, which is much appreciated by many! There are no long-distance call centers for this company!

What services are offered by Oricom?

Oricom’s internet and telephone bundles starts at $37.90 per month and their most popular trio package is $70.89 a month, which is excellent value for money. The TV and internet bundle is $59.94 if you don’t need the phone, which is fab for a family package. Internet alone is from $26.95, so you can really see how competitive their prices are! And all of this is from a local company too!


VMedia constantly improve their technology, as well as their features and services, and they do this with an on-going dialogue with their customers about their needs and likes and dislikes.

Last, but by no means least, we have VMedia. VMedia claim to be Canada’s leading independent telecommunications and broadcasting company. They offer TV, Phone, Home Security and high-speed internet services across Canada. The company started in 2006 and has a range of experts within its teams including engineers, software developers and content industry veterans who simply love all things geek but especially TV and the internet. Their aim is to help as many Canadians as possible enjoy TV and internet, whether on the go or at home. They look to improve their technology, as well as their features and services, and they do this with an on-going dialogue with their customers about their needs and likes and dislikes. Sounds refreshing for a telecommunications company, doesn’t it? 

Based in Toronto, VMedia offers an entertainment portal which includes speciality TV as well as conventional channels with access to internet and On-Demand content. VMedia has also developed the VBox, which is its own Android-based set top box, allowing subscribers to get TV channels and other content through one device, using a controller. VMedia believe they are unique in this setup and that their adaptability, flexibility and functionality are second to none.

What services are offered by VMedia?

Their most basic internet package starts for a wonderful $19.95 with TV from $21.95. Currently, you can get Cable 75 unlimited internet with 6 months’ free TV for $49.95 per month! Wow! Furthermore, they’re rated 4.2/5 stars on Google, which is pretty impressive for an independent alternative ISP. They have a vast array of different TV packages to suit their varying customers’ needs, including different language content options too. All of VMedia’s internet plans are unlimited too, whether they are on cable, fibre optic or DSL.

The Secret’s out!

There you have it: Nine alternative Internet Service Providers to the big cheeses. We are sure you can find a package from our list that will suit you AND save you money in the long run.

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