Everything You Need to Know about Moving a Hot Tub

If you have a hot tub and need to move it, whether to a new spot in the garden or when moving home, you can be sure that it won’t be all that easy. However, if you plan it well and get the right equipment, it is most definitely achievable. Did you know that a hot tub that measures 56 square feet can weigh about 900 pounds, and that’s before you add any water? With the water included, it can weigh around 6,000 pounds!  It’s not surprising then that it takes proper planning to get one moved.

If your budget stretches to it, hiring a professional is the best course of action for such a large item. However, even if you can’t afford to, the good news is that you can do it on your own too if you rope in a few friends.

moving a hot tub

How to Prepare Your Hot Tub for a Move

1. Disconnect Your Hot Tub

Before you drain any water out, unplug your hot tub from its electrical socket. Make sure that you have put all of the cords away as you do not want anything dangling from it during the move. If you can, you should put all the electrical cords in sealed waterproof bags so that they do not get wet during any part of the moving process.

2. Drain Your Hot Tub

Draining the hot tub is not as easy as you might think – you can’t just dump out the water as it could damage your garden or flood the place. To drain the water out correctly you should follow any manufacturer’s instructions first and foremost as all hot tubs are slightly different. You will probably need a garden hose or a pump to drain out the water. When doing this, you should make sure that you are near a drain or gutter. After you’ve drained it, you really should give it a good clean before you move it. A wipe own with a bathroom cleaner will do the job nicely.

What does it Cost to Move a Hot Tub?

The cost of moving a hot tub depends on several factors: your location, how far you need to move it, not to mention the size of your hot tub! However, as a general rule, if you are hiring professional hot tub movers, you can expect to pay around $350-400.

How to Move a Hot Tub by Yourself - DIY

If you can’t afford to hire the professionals to move your hot tub for you, it is entirely possible to move it yourself.

  1. Get everything that you need

Your first step is to gather your moving materials. You should find some moving straps, furniture dollies and a few pieces of plywood. If you don’t have a moving dolly, you can easily find one at your local hardware store to rent. Many removal companies hire them out too.

  1. The Rental Truck

If you’re moving your hot tub to your new home, you need to make sure that the rental truck you’re hiring or that removal company you’re using have enough space to put it! This will obviously depend on how big your hot tub is.

  1. Ask for Help

Moving your hot tub is going to need serious strength. You are going to need to ask for help from at least three other people. If possible, try and get six of you to help you with the heavy lifting. Please don’t attempt to move your hot tub on your own – it’s too heavy!

  1. Take Note of Your Surroundings

Have a look at where your hot tub is at the moment. Is it squeezed into a tight spot in the corner of your garden? Do you need to move it up or down any steps? You will need to come up with a plan before you move your hot tub so that you don’t damage any of the garden or plants in the process.

  1. Plan the Route

Part of assessing your surroundings will involve you planning your route. You need to let all your helpers know of the route you intend to take long before you make that first lift!

  1. Put the Plywood underneath the Hot Tub

By putting plywood beneath the tub it will help you to move it more smoothly. It will also make moving you furniture dollies under it much easier. Lift the hot tub onto the wood with your helpers.

  1. Slide the Furniture Dollies beneath it

If you don’t have to tilt your hot tub to move it from your garden, you can put your furniture dollies under it and slide it to the truck that way. However, if you have a narrow path you will need to turn it on its side, with the help of your helpers of course! You can still use your furniture dolly on the underside, one at either side (front and back). You should secure it to the dollies with the moving straps to ensure it doesn’t roll off!  Have at least one person at the front and at least one at the back.

  1. Roll it to the Truck’s Loading Ramp

Carefully roll the hot tub to the moving truck. You will probably need more muscle here to get it up the ramp. Keep it on the dollies for ease!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Moving a Hot Tub

How many people does it take to move a hot tub?

To move a hot tub, you will need at least three people but the more the better!

How much does a hot tub weigh?

Hot tubs usually weigh around 900 pounds without their water. With the water, they can way up to 6,000 pounds!

Should I disassemble my hot tub for moving?

It is very important that you prepare your hot tub for moving. If you are hiring a professional company to move it, they will let you know what you need to do (if anything) before they arrive. If you are moving it yourself, follow our instructions above about how best to prepare your hot tub for moving.

Do I need a professional to set my hot tub once it’s moved?

Setting up your hot tub should be relatively straightforward, especially if you still have your manufacturer’s instructions! However, should you be in any doubt about how to do it, consulting a professional is the best bet.

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