Best 5 Moving Truck Rental Alternatives to U-Haul in Ottawa

So, you’ve probably heard about the big truck hire company, U-Haul, right? Well, what if you didn’t want to go with them? Moving house is already a stressful business, you don’t want added stress of research a truck rental company when it comes to arranging the move. Let us help you out here with our 5 alternatives to U-Haul in Ottawa.

moving truck rental in Ottawa

Penske moving truck rental in Ottawa,

A truck rental company with lots of choice of new vehicles!

Penske started out in 1969 and they’ve been growing ever since, helping thousands of people each year with their house moves.


Penske has a wide range of trucks in its fleet. They have cargo vans, 12 foot, 16 foot, 22 foot and 26-foot trucks for hire. Penske also sells and rents moving supplies like boxes and tape. Find more about Penske’s options here.

Rental Price

  • From $30/day

Their smallest van costs under $30 per day, their largest truck costs $49.99 per day. With all truck rentals, there is an additional $0.79 charge per km. There is also an Environmental Fee of $2 and a Vehicle Licensing Recovery Fee of $2.50.


  • Google 4.1/5

Penske has 4.1 stars on Google reviews and this figure comes from 63 separate reviews.

Visit Penske Truck Rental to find your nearest location.
Phone number : (613) 731-9998

Inclusions and Exclusions

Roadside assistance is included.


  • Key drop off after hours
  • Newer fleet that meets exacting standards
  • 24h roadside assistance
  • Often have coupon codes
  • One-way unlimited mileage offers
  • Trucks have non-slip wooden floors and translucent rooves so you can see what you’re doing.


  • There are additional charges added on to the quoted price so it’s difficult to calculate the exact cost before renting.

Discount Car and Truck Rentals Ottawa,

Truck rentals with no hidden costs

Discount Truck Rentals is Canadian-owned and operated, and proud of it too.  The company was created by Herb and Rhoda Singer in 1980 in Ontario. It is still run by the family today and it is the only car and truck Rental Company nationally that is owned and run by Canadians.  Their mission is simply to do whatever is required to provide a rental experience that is second to none, every single time.


This company has 16-foot cube trucks, 20-foot trucks and 26-foot trucks. They also have a half, three-quarter ton or ton pick-up trucks, cargo vans and refrigerated trucks.  Find out more here.

Rental Price

  • From $46.71/day

Cargo Van rental starts at $46.71, which includes taxes, fees and unlimited kilometers.

A16-ft cube truck costs $58.01, which includes taxes, fees and 50km distance. Any additional kms are charged at $0.22 per km. A half-ton pick-up truck costs $73.14, which includes taxes, fees and 300km. Any additional kilometers are charged at $0.20 per kilometer for this vehicle.


  • Google: 4.3/5

This company fares really well in reviews with a Google Reviews rating of 4.3 stars from 124 reviews. Customers are really happy with the service this company provides.

Visit Discount Truck Rentals to find your nearest location.
Phone number: (613) 667-9398

Inclusions and Exclusions

Customers can pay for a Collision Damage Waiver. This costs $27.99 for a 16-foot truck. Drivers must be 21 and have 2 years’ driving experience.


  • 10 locations across Ottawa
  • Over 300 locations across Canada
  • All taxes and fees are included in the quoted price so it’s really easy to see exactly how much you will be paying


  • When doing dummy quotes for research purposes, there were no larger trucks available

Budget Truck Rentals,

Lost of choice, budget prices!

Budget Truck Rental is famous for their cheap yet cheerful deals.  They are always offering promotions, which is a big plus in the truck hire business.


This company offers 12-foot cube trucks, 16-foot cube trucks, 20-foot cube trucks, 24-foot trucks cargo vans, and pick-ups of varying sizes. Find more about Budget Car and Truck Rental’s offering here.

Rental Price

  • From $98.95/24-hours.

A 16-foot cube truck costs $98.95 for one 24-hour period and a 200-foot truck costs $132.85. Kilometers after the first 100 are charged at $0.16 per km. If the truck is returned late, the first 29 minutes are free, then there is an hourly late fee. If the vehicle is more than 3 hours late, a whole day’s rate is charged.


  • Google 3.2/5

This company doesn’t score as highly on Google Reviews. It has 3.2 stars from 33 reviews.

Visit Budget Truck Rental to find your nearest location. 
Phone number: (613) 232-1527

Inclusions and Exclusions

There is a base rate of 100kms included. Fees and taxes are included in the quoted price and you can see a breakdown of what they are when you select your truck.

There is the option of purchasing a Loss Damage Waiver for $35 and Personal Accident and Effects insurance costs $13 per day.  Extended roadside assistance costs $11 per day.


  • 7 locations in Ottawa and wider Canada
  • Website is easy to use


  • Lower ratings than other companies
  • You need to book well in advance to ensure they have the right sized truck to meet your requirements
  • No direct telephone number for truck rentals

Ryder Truck Rental in Ottawa,

Round-trip rentals, at lower prices!

Jim Ryder started his business in 1933 with nothing more than his trusty Ford truck. It’s safe to say that the business has come a long way since then.  They now have one of the largest truck fleets in North America!


Ryder has 8-10ft trucks, 12-14 foot trucks, 14-16ft city vans, and pick up trucks. Find out more here.

Rental Price

  • From $29.95/day

A pick-up truck can be hired for $29.95, whereas the 14-16ft city van costs $108.95.


  • Google 3.7/5

The average rating on Google is 3.7 stars from 14 reviews, this is on the lower side when compared to similar companies.

Visit Ryder to find your nearest location.
Phone number: (613) 741-1000

Inclusions and Exclusions

Prices don’t include mileage. Prices don’t include obligatory insurance and liability. These cost between $16 and $30 each, depending on which ones are chosen.


  • Good prices if you’re picking up and dropping off on the same day.


  • Only offers round-trip rentals, which isn’t good if you’re moving far away to another city.
  • Prices don’t include mileage, and obligatory insurance and liability premiums.


More services, more choice!

Enterprise Truck Rental has long been an established contender in the truck rental business.


Enterprise offers various sizes of pick-up trucks, cargo vans, and cube vans up to 16 foot.

Rental Price

  • Cargo van $89.99/day
  • High-roof cargo van $109.99/day

A cargo van can be rented for $89.99 per day, this includes the first 200km. After that, there is a charge of $0.20 per kilometer. A high-roof cargo van is charged at $109.99 per day.


  • Google 4.6/5

Enterprise has really good reviews. The branch in Ottawa has a rating of 4.6 on Google Reviews and this comes from 12 separate reviews.

Visit Enterprise to find your nearest location.
Phone number: (613) 228-8854

Inclusions and Exclusions

There are additional fees that aren’t in the quoted price. These include VLF Rec and HST.  To hire the high-roof cargo van, the total cost comes in at $125.53 (not including additional kms). There is an extra $20 charge for drives aged 21-24 per day. Prices don’t include damage waivers, personal accident insurance or personal effects insurance. These are offered separately.


  • They offer 2 refuelling services – prepay fuel where you get the tank full and return empty and refill fuel where you pay the company for gas used but not replaced. You can also choose a 3rd option – to refill the tank to the same level it was when you rented it.


  • Quote prices don’t include taxes so it’s difficult to work out what you’ll actually pay.


There are many options other than U-Haul to rent a moving truck in Ottawa. This article presented the 5 best options. Now, the choice is yours!

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