Best 5 Moving Truck Rental Alternatives to U-Haul in Toronto

When you’re in Toronto and trying to move, it’s hard knowing where to start when you are looking to rent a truck to move all of your belongings.  At MovingWaldo, we navigate in five truck rental options within the Toronto area, helping you on your way with your move.  Let’s have a look at what we found:

Moving Truck Toronto

1. Advantage Truck Rental in Toronto

Advantage Rentals offer a service synonymous with the diversity of Toronto.  Given that Toronto is the largest of all Canadian cities, people are always on the move. They are ready to provide truck rentals for all your moving needs.  They have been renting cars and trucks since 1984 with their motto “In the end… service wins”.


Advantage offer short and tall cargo vans as well as 16-foot moving trucks.  From 2019, they are also offering pick-up trucks. 

Rental Price

  • From $54.52/ day

To find out the price to rent trucks, contact Advantage on their website or by telephone.  As an example, a 16-foot truck rental for 24 hours from Downtown Toronto (Queen & Parliament) would cost 54.52 CAD.


  • 4.5/5

Advantage Rentals has a whopping 4.5/5 stars on for its services! I’m sure you will agree that that’s pretty impressive.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Insurance with Advantage is an optional extra.  One-way rentals incur a drop-free of between $75-200. There’s also the option of a fuel plan but otherwise, all fuel must be added as an extra and trucks must be returned with the same amount of fuel as they had at the start of the rental period.  Vehicle delivery services are also available at an additional cost. Roadside assistance is also an added extra.


  • Low additional driver fees


  • No larger trucks available


Advantage Rentals have more than ten locations in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Visit Advantage Rentals to find your nearest location.
Telephone number: (416) 364-0387

2. Wheels 4 Rent in Toronto

Wheels 4 Rent is the only authorized rental location of Bristol trucks in Downtown Toronto.  They have been supplying commercial rental trucks in Toronto for more than 30 years and so know exactly what’s needed for all your truck rental needs.


They offer 16-foot cube trucks and 20-24-foot trucks for rental. They also have cargo vans and pick-up trucks as well as flat-bed and refrigerated trucks.

Rental Price

  • From $49.99/day

Their cube vans cost from $49.99 per day with 100 km included. However, conditions do apply. Cargo vans can be rented for four hours from $18.95 with extra mileage costs.


  • Google: 3.5/5
  • Wheels 4 Rent website: 4.5/5

Inclusions and Exclusions

Collision Damage Waivers and fuel cost extra on top of the quoted price.


  • Deals on Wheels deals change regularly so you may pick up a bargain


  • Only serve the Toronto area, so no option of one-way rentals for long-distance moves


Wheels 4 Rent only serve the area of Toronto.

Visit Wheels 4 Rent to find your nearest location.
Telephone Number: 416-585-7782.

3. Ryder Truck Rental in Toronto

Ryder has legendary reliability and service that’s award-winning. They also provide the only customer loyalty program within the truck rental industry.


Ryder offers cube truck rentals, straight truck rentals as well as tandem straight truck rentals.  Despite its availability throughout Canada, it only offers local rentals.

Rental Price

  • No prices available online

Unfortunately, there is little information on Ryder’s website regarding their truck rental prices.


  • Google: 3/5

This company have 3/5 stars according to a small number of Google reviews.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Ryder offer 24-hour roadside assistance, but it is unclear from their website whether or not this is included in the price.  Also, only a few of their locations offer additional materials such as hand trucks and moving supplies.


  • Award winning service


  • No one-way rentals
  • Rental periods are by calendar days, not by 24-hour periods. If you cross two calendar days you will be charged for two days
  • Website does not offer a wealth of information in terms of price


There are 5 Locations in Toronto and multiple locations throughout Canada.  Despite this, Ryder only offer one-way rentals.

Visit Ryder to find your nearest location. 
Telephone Number: 1-800-345-9282

4. Bristol Moving Truck Rental

Bristol Truck Rental is 100% owned by Canadians for Canadians, providing rental trucks and services within the Greater Toronto Area.   Bristol Car and Truck Rentals dates back over 25 years and for the last 25 of those, they have been owned by the Kesten Family.


They have a diverse fleet of vehicles up to a 24-foot straight truck.  Some of their fleet include cargo vans, cube trucks between 16- and 18-foot, flatbeds in 20- and 24-foot models, and 20-24 foot Hino straight trucks. They also offer moving supplies as well as pick-up trucks and refrigerated trucks and vans.

Rental Price

  • From $149.99/day

For a 16-foot cube van for one day, it would cost a $149.99.   There’s also the Harmonized Sales Tax, Vehicle Licensing Fee, Environmental Fee and Vehicle Maintenance Fee to add on, giving a total of $180.17 with a free mileage of 100km. 


  • Google: 4/5

Bristol Truck Rentals averages around 4/5 stars on Google.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Should you wish any of the following, there will be an additional charge:

  • Additional Driver
  • Box Dolly
  • Glass and Tire Coverage
  • Out of Province within the Ontario area
  • Travel into the USA
  • Premium Collision Coverage $1000 deductible
  • Standard Collision Coverage $1500 deductible
  • Basic Collision Coverage $500 deductible


  • Local to the GTA.
  • Diverse range of vehicles


  • There will be additional charges for fuel, especially if it is not refueled to the correct level upon return.


Bristol Truck Rentals is available across 12 locations in the GTA.

Visit Bristol Truck Rental to find your nearest location.
Telephone Number: (416) 593-9882

5. Discount Truck Rental in Toronto

Discount Truck Rentals is Canadian-owned and operated, and proud of it too.  The company was created by Herb and Rhoda Singer in 1980 in Ontario. It is still run by the family today and it is the only car and truck Rental Company nationally that is owned and run by Canadians.  Their mission is simply to do whatever is required to provide a rental experience that is second to none, every single time.


Discount have cube trucks in addition to 26 foot/5 ton and 20 foot/3 ton trucks.  They suit all kinds of moves and can hold a maximum of 3500kg. 

Rental Price

  • From $89.99/day

Discount charges $89.99 per day for a 16-foot truck including 50km, $0.22 for each additional kilometer. 


  • 3/5

The company have varied reviews online and, as such, they average at around 3/5 stars on review sites like

Inclusions and Exclusions

You will need to add on a collision damage waiver for the size of your vehicle.  With a 16-foot truck, this would cost an additional $26.99. Fuel is also not included in the price that you pay.


  • Local Company gone national
  • Good customer service


  • Additional fees may be charged on top of quoted price. Ask your representative first.


There are 22 branches of Discount in Toronto, with hundreds of other locations throughout the rest of Canada.

Visit Discount Truck Rentals to find your nearest location.
Telephone number: 416-864-0632


No matter where in the GTA you’re based, you’re going to want a reliable rental truck company.  Today we’ve provided you with five options for renting a truck to help you get your move off to the best start.  Let us know who you choose and how smooth your move was!

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